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Network Chiropractic is a very gentle healing technique that helps you reorganise your central nervous system. To do this, the chiropractor places very gentle contacts along your spine. These are timed and placed to activate the communication channels between your brain and your central nervous system.
Alterable DNA tests
Tests look at 190 of the best researched and most useful SNPS. This is an emerging discipline which enables you to maximise your wellbeing on many levels. We have data on brain function, hormonal, inflammatory, fat metabolism and longevity sequences and many other areas. We only look at SNPS that can be regulated by your lifestyle and nutrition.

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The Network Chiropractic Centre Melbourne

The Network Chiropractic Centre is highly acclaimed and well recognised. Our centre is known for applying network chiropractic to help our clients live more fulfilling and well-rounded lives.

At The Network Chiropractic Centre, we focus on providing network spinal. This means that, unlike structural chiropractic, you will not be treated with the usual clicking devices or spine cracking that is so strongly associated with chiropractic in general. We use network spinal, which helps clients have a healthful and evolving practice that is sustainable and simple. We support clients in their journey by teaching techniques to help them care for themselves easily and happily.

While structural chiropractic focuses on immediate symptom relief, network spinal helps an individual completely reorganise their central nervous system. This enables any individual to respond with ease and grace and use their body’s natural healing to improve their responses without using any drop piece tables or instruments.

Network chiropractic is a healthier and oftentimes safer option for people dealing with spinal issues. If you have any problems regarding posture, lower back pain or spinal alignment then network chiropractic is undoubtedly one of the safest and most natural ways to help your body cure itself. This gentle and safe technique strays away from traditional chiropractic models to focus more on improving the individual’s lifestyle while kickstarting the body’s natural course of healing. This kind of reorganisation not only has amazing benefits on an individual’s physical well-being but also has numerous advantages when it comes to emotions and mental health.


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The main objective of beginning care is to improve your body’s innate ability to heal itself. Network Chiropractic has four different levels.

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You can complete and submit a new client intake form online. You may fill it out online or come 15 minutes before your appointment and you can complete it here.

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Meet Dr. Jessica Wells

Dr. Jessica Wells is from a family of health practitioners and has been practicing since she was 23. Graduating in 1990, she began practicing traditional techniques with great success. In the late nineties she found herself suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS, also known as fibromyalgia or myalgic encephalomyelitis or post viral syndrome. She saw every expert, read every book on the topic , and used the help of every natural therapy she could.

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Some Trusted Reviews
“Dr. Jessie is a gifted, experienced and intuitive healer. This is a subtle practice that is surprisingly powerful. It is not only helping my spine at the deepest levels but having other wide reaching benefits across my whole life. Highly recommend. ”
– Emily Summers
“Dr. Jessie, I just wanted to thank you for all the love and support you provided me with this year. When I was asked what I was most thankful for in 2021 the first thing that came to mind was you. I can’t thank you enough for your medicine and the powerful woman you are radiates and reminds us all. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was hoping to see you before I left but the move was bigger than I anticipated. I am flying out tonight and wanted to wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope to see you soon. Thanks again Dr Jessie. Love Tash”
– Natasha
“Thank you so very much for shining your light into the universe. You have created the most incredible community filled with wonderful humans i am so filled with gratitude each time I step inside your door and leave feeling filled with love.
Dreaming for all things magical.”
– Dallas
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Healing is not a destination

This is Dr. Jessie from The Network Chiropractic Centre in East Melbourne and in McCrae.
I’ve got some good news and that is healing is not a destination. It’s an interesting concept because often we think that at this point I’m sick and at this point I’m well but actually we live in a continuum.When I had chronic fatigue, there were several months where I felt gradual and on-going improvement. And actually in my life, I feel more and more connected and more and more wellness in my body even now and my second batch of chronic fatigue was 20 years ago.If you think to yourself, I’ll be healed just that moment- Wipe that thought. The good news is healing is a continuum and our innate wisdom is always healing us.
Remember, everything is connected.

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