Healing is not a destination because we live in a continuum

Good morning! This is Dr. Jessie from The Network Chiropractic Centre in East Melbourne and in McCrae.

I’ve got some good news and that is healing is not a destination. 

It’s an interesting concept because often we think that at this point I’m sick and at this point I’m well but actually we live in a continuum.

When I had chronic fatigue, there were several months where I felt gradual and on-going improvement. And actually in my life, I feel more and more connected and more and more wellness in my body even now and my second batch of chronic fatigue was 20 years ago.

If you think to yourself, I’ll be healed just that moment- Wipe that thought. The good news is healing is a continuum and our innate wisdom is always healing us.

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You have to feel to help you heal


What I’d like to talk about right now is that your desire and goal with your treatment is not to be pain-free.

This is a little bit confusing to us but I’ll give you a good reason why.

If we have diabetic nephropathy, you’ve probably got friends, relatives or herd of people who’ve got diabetes and there toes have got gangrene. Well, it’s not the diabetes so much on its own. It’s that they’ve stopped feeling their toes. They can’t respond to injuries, they don’t know when they’re hurting or when they’re not so they don’t know what to do.

They burn themselves and they can’t feel it and then what happens is the body starts to lose it’s life force, then there's illness and disease and it ends up badly.

With a lot of you people I look after, what we’re looking for is an increased awareness of the body.

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The body heals, despite ourselves not understanding


The good news for you today is you don’t have to understand what’s going on in order to heal.

There’s (a story) of a woman who is seeing a few psychologists, psychotherapists, and other people who’ve studied thinking and disease. After all those consultations, she ended up more confused than ever about what was happening to her own body.

The more we think about things, the more stories we have and the more understanding we have, (yet) sometimes the more confused we can get.

Actually, some of the best results I get in practice are with the little kids.

Sometimes, people bring their dogs and they respond really well. They’re certainly not trying to understand the pathophysiology of their disease.

The good news today is (and always remember) everything is connected.

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Wholistic healing is natural - just let it happen

Hi! I’m Dr. Jessie from The Network Chiropractic Centre in Melbourne. I’m here to remind you to be your best self from the inside out.
Today, the good news is that wholistic healing is natural. Wholistic healing is the spiritual, social, emotional, and family constellation healing. These things all are your innate birthright, in my opinion.
You don’t have to take yourself away from your world and your life and take drastic measures in order to heal.
This healing focuses in you. It’s like a spark of light that is always aflame at one level or another. The more you can fan the flame, the more your body will thrive.
Listen deeply to yourself. The more you liberate that energy, the more you’ll choose the right food, the more you’ll choose the lovely relationships, the more you’ll choose to be your loveliest self within the relationships you have, the more you’ll bring your loveliest self in that spark of love into your conversations.
Remember, everything is connected. This is Dr. Jessie from The Network Chiropractic Centre and I am from McCrae. Please connect with me some way. Like me on Facebook. Call me. I look forward to seeing you. Bye!

Your body remembers, and because it does, it heals better

Hi, I’m Dr. Jessie from the Network Chiropractic Centre in Melbourne.

A long time ago, I had chronic fatigue and since then I lived 20 years of nearly being healthy.

This morning, I got up at around 6 o’ clock in the morning. Straight out of bed, I went to the pool and did yoga. Then, I made and had breakfast. 

I’ve got loads of energy and I’d like to share some of what I’ve learned in that time.
One of the things I learned is the things we’ve hidden, the things we’ve been afraid of, the memories, the traumas that we’ve put layers and layers around.

When we connect with them, they help us to be wise.

It’s safe to connect with our suffering and memories. Sometimes, when you’ve had healing experience, you have intense dreams or your body starts telling you things, this is all safe and it contributes to help you bring more compassion to your world.

You bring this newness of healing into your relationships, art, kitchen and domestic world.
Remember, the good news is your suffering can help.

Everything is connected. I am Dr. Jessie from McCrae and Melbourne. Please get in contact with me. Like me on Facebook and we’ll connect. Bye!

The Body Never Forgets What It Learns

Hi, I’m Dr. Jessie Wells from the Network Chiropractic Centre in Melbourne and I’m here to help you be your best self from the inside out.

So today what I’d like to talk about is the truth that you are full of information. All yourselves have got the information from your parents and their parents and your great great grandparents, and all the information from when you were conceived. People have tapped back in the memories from when they were in utero.

You’ve got all this stored in your body. The body never forgets and that is a front of wisdom for you to tap into and we can help you tap into that with our work.

Hopefully, everything you do during your life, remember that you are infinitely wise within.

With healing, it’s unpredictable. You’ll never know where you sit on the bell curve of average until after the healing has gone.

To think, during the middle of everything, “Am I average?”, “Am I doing what everyone else is doing?” It’s not helpful to you. Just be present and allow us to help you transform and feel what’s in there and waken the potential for great well-being

Remember, everything is connected. Again, I’m Dr. Jessie Wells from the Network Chiropractic Centre. I’m in McCrae. Please call me or email me. I’ll see you next time. Bye!


The power within you is the power that heals

Hi, I’m Dr. Jessie Wells from the Network Chiropractic Center in Melbourne. I’m here to remind you to be your best self from the inside out.

So today what I want to talk to you about is the truth that when your symptoms disappear immediately after a treatment, it doesn't actually mean that the treatment or the therapist is actually responsible for that.

I know that that's a tricky thing, because we are taught that if we take a pill and that does the change and makes everything different then it was the pill.

Or we're taught if we go and have a massage and everything changes it was the massage; Or if we're taught that we stop drinking milk then that's the thing.

But actually its what our body that does with that thing. It's the power within you that is the power that heals.

So my work as a therapist is merely help tune the instrument that is you. So if you are like a double bass or a guitar, we want your every string to be perfect and everything to be in harmony.

And when that happens, you can play whatever music you want. You can do the most magnificent strong or the most quiet and sweet things in your own body.

So you are not an algorithm; remember you are not a finite/linear being. You are grand beyond imagining. So please honor your healing cycles. Your body is wise.

And remember, everything is connected. This is Dr. Jessie and I'm from McCrae as well. Please like me on Facebook and email me, text me. It would be great to connect. Thank you.

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Healing happens because we are powerful beyond reckoning

Dr Jessie talks about healing using the power we have within us, rather than relying on outside factors like drugs.

Hi, I’m Dr. Jessie Wells from the Network Chiropractic Center in Melbourne. I’m here to remind you to be your best self inside out. 
So today I'm going to talk a little bit about many years ago, when I was actually 15 to 17 years old I had chronic fatigue, encefalomialgias or fibromialgias (got different names). 
And then I had it again in my late 20's. I've been recovered from that really good now for nearly 20 years. It's time I share some of what I learnt and experience with you if you. Hopefully you'll find it helpful. 
I believe, I discovered that healing happens because we are powerful beyond reckoning; and your healing will happen because you are powerful beyond reckoning. 
We have been taught to distrust our bodies, to give out our money and our trust to our doctor and even more to a specialist; to the process of the medical system. Instead of coming back home in here and trusting what's in there. 
So it is important to remember today, it is good news that healing occurs even when you have symptoms. 
Sometimes our symptoms (of the disease) is part of our healing process. For example we vomit out poisons and in the middle of that big vomit, we are healing.  We might feel like we're sick. But actually we're healing. 
So remember, the good news is that your symptoms, your conditions and your disease; your light and your shadows are all part of the magnificence that is you.  Remember, everything is connected.

Again, I'm Dr. Jessie from the Network Chirocpratic Center in McCrae. Call me, email me, contact me in some way and like me on Facebook. Look forward to hearing from you. Bye!

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Top 5 Things To Do When You Are Tired


...and have to keep going that don’t involve Chocolate, Coffee and Red Bulls

Look at your schedule and book yourself some time out – even if it’s at 10 pm tonight and you end up going to bed. Sometimes your plan will be – I will sleep when the baby sleeps. Or when the kids are at their grandmothers. Or I will go for a network chiropractic session between meetings. This gives you hope. And a plan. 

Do some SRI - Somato Respiratory Integration – they all unlock your energy. Here’s an 8 min Youtube video link to a colleague showing you how to do Stage 1 SRI.

Storing any stress takes a lot of energy. Let it go! 

Meditate or Use binaural sounds – they are super easy as you don’t have to concentrate and your brainwaves will slow down(or speed up if that’s what you need!) without you needing to work. Try Smiling Mind – one of my clients started this app and it is great.

Eat something delicious, nutritious and easily digestible. Remember to chew. If you are too tired to chew (I know that feeling) then have a smoothie. Make sure it has some veggies and protein and some fats in there. Seeds and raw protein powder and coconut oil… then you wont get the blood sugar spike and also the nutrition from the veggies and fruit will be better absorbed.

Call for help! Call your naturopath – get some adrenal support herbs and vitamins! Call a friend, a mentor, your family. Call your chiropractor, your psychologist, your coach, Call your cleaner Call your kinesiologist  and tell it like it is!

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The Top 5 Reasons You Are Cold


Even though you are under the doona with your ugg boots on... 

Feeling freezing and having chilblains was a problem I had with both episodes of chronic fatigue. Even a hot shower didn’t thaw me out! I have since learned a lot!

So here’s what I found…

The top 5 reasons you are cold are:

Your heart and little capillaries are not sending your blood around fast enough. 

Go for a walk so that your heart rate rises a bit and your breath deepens, or dance about, do a yoga class or something physically active. Anything to encourage your heart to push that blood around!

Your body is diverting its’ blood so it’s ready to fight tigers and run from danger. It’s not prioritizing blood to go to keep your toes and fingers warm. 

Become peaceful again – I meditate or make music and I have network chiropractic. I remember the network chiropractic session when my feet first warmed up. I felt a whoosh – that delicious warmth going down to my toes was unforgettable. 

Your Blood cells haven’t got enough iron so they can’t carry enough oxygen around to keep you warm

There are many great sources of readily absorbable Iron – remember Zinc, Vitamin B and C are vital to have with it as well so that you can absorb the iron and use it.  See your naturopath for advice about what form works best for you. Heme forms are best absorbed. 

Your Omega 3 and Omega 6 (EPA/DHA) intake is not up to par that can upset your hormones and circulation and all sorts of things. 

If I am cold for no reason (or a bit edgy) I will hop into 2700mgs combined DHA and EPA each day.

Your blood sugars are low. You will feel cold and miserable too. I used to have wildly fluctuating blood sugar until I was taught that drinking juice and coffee and eating toast and honey, fruit and cakes biscuits and overcooked pasta was going to make my blood sugar spike then fall. 

Regular meals and snacks combining a little fat and a little protein with your carbs will keep your blood sugar even. 

Remember, everything is connected. For any queries about how we can help your body heal itself with network chiropractic, feel free to contact us here.