The power within you is the power that heals

Hi, I’m Dr. Jessie Wells from the Network Chiropractic Center in Melbourne. I’m here to remind you to be your best self from the inside out.

So today what I want to talk to you about is the truth that when your symptoms disappear immediately after a treatment, it doesn't actually mean that the treatment or the therapist is actually responsible for that.

I know that that's a tricky thing, because we are taught that if we take a pill and that does the change and makes everything different then it was the pill.

Or we're taught if we go and have a massage and everything changes it was the massage; Or if we're taught that we stop drinking milk then that's the thing.

But actually its what our body that does with that thing. It's the power within you that is the power that heals.

So my work as a therapist is merely help tune the instrument that is you. So if you are like a double bass or a guitar, we want your every string to be perfect and everything to be in harmony.

And when that happens, you can play whatever music you want. You can do the most magnificent strong or the most quiet and sweet things in your own body.

So you are not an algorithm; remember you are not a finite/linear being. You are grand beyond imagining. So please honor your healing cycles. Your body is wise.

And remember, everything is connected. This is Dr. Jessie and I'm from McCrae as well. Please like me on Facebook and email me, text me. It would be great to connect. Thank you.

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