Healing happens because we are powerful beyond reckoning


Dr Jessie talks about healing using the power we have within us, rather than relying on outside factors like drugs.

Hi, I’m Dr. Jessie Wells from the Network Chiropractic Center in Melbourne. I’m here to remind you to be your best self inside out. 
So today I’m going to talk a little bit about many years ago, when I was actually 15 to 17 years old I had chronic fatigue, encefalomialgias or fibromialgias (got different names). 
And then I had it again in my late 20’s. I’ve been recovered from that really good now for nearly 20 years. It’s time I share some of what I learnt and experience with you if you. Hopefully you’ll find it helpful. 
I believe, I discovered that healing happens because we are powerful beyond reckoning; and your healing will happen because you are powerful beyond reckoning. 
We have been taught to distrust our bodies, to give out our money and our trust to our doctor and even more to a specialist; to the process of the medical system. Instead of coming back home in here and trusting what’s in there. 
So it is important to remember today, it is good news that healing occurs even when you have symptoms. 
Sometimes our symptoms (of the disease) is part of our healing process. For example we vomit out poisons and in the middle of that big vomit, we are healing.  We might feel like we’re sick. But actually we’re healing. 
So remember, the good news is that your symptoms, your conditions and your disease; your light and your shadows are all part of the magnificence that is you.  Remember, everything is connected.

Again, I’m Dr. Jessie from the Network Chirocpratic Center in McCrae. Call me, email me, contact me in some way and like me on Facebook. Look forward to hearing from you. Bye!

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