Healing is not a destination because we live in a continuum


Good morning! This is Dr. Jessie from The Network Chiropractic Centre in East Melbourne and in McCrae.

I’ve got some good news and that is healing is not a destination. 

It’s an interesting concept because often we think that at this point I’m sick and at this point I’m well but actually we live in a continuum.

When I had chronic fatigue, there were several months where I felt gradual and on-going improvement. And actually, in my life, I feel more and more connected and more and more wellness in my body even now and my second batch of chronic fatigue was 20 years ago.

If you think to yourself, I’ll be healed just that moment- Wipe that thought. The good news is healing is a continuum and our innate wisdom is always healing us.

Remember, everything is connected. If you’d like to contact me, ring me at 0433 336 443 or you can book it online. Bye! Thank you!

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