Hi, I’m Dr. Jessie from the Network Chiropractic Centre in Melbourne. I’m here to remind you that you can be your best self from the inside out.

Today, I want to talk to you about the fact that you are not a limited being. You’re not a formula. There’s not a formula that applies to you today that will apply to you tomorrow and after because you’re not a nice piece of mathematics like our medical system would sometimes wish you were.

What’s serves you today, what feels lovely today may be disgusting and make you sick tomorrow. What you hate today might be exactly what you need tomorrow.

Honoring ourselves is very important. Remember, our distress and pain are the things that say, “Stop. Pay attention. Do something different.” and there’s value in that. It’s very important.

You’ve got to be glad when we get a pain because it’s helping us to understand what we need at a different level.

Remember, the good news is you’ve got the power and pain can be your friend. Everything is connected.

This is Dr. Jessie Wells and please email me with your questions. Let me know how you’re going. Bye!

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