You have to feel to help you heal


What I’d like to talk about right now is that your desire and goal with your treatment is not to be pain-free.

This is a little bit confusing to us but I’ll give you a good reason why.

If we have diabetic nephropathy, you’ve probably got friends, relatives or herd of people who’ve got diabetes and there toes have got gangrene. Well, it’s not the diabetes so much on its own. It’s that they’ve stopped feeling their toes. They can’t respond to injuries, they don’t know when they’re hurting or when they’re not so they don’t know what to do.

They burn themselves and they can’t feel it and then what happens is the body starts to lose it’s life force, then there's illness and disease and it ends up badly.

With a lot of you people I look after, what we’re looking for is an increased awareness of the body.

Remember, everything is connected and if you’d like to make a call and speak to me, my number is 0433 336 443 or email me or connect in some way. Thanks. Bye