Hi, I’m Dr. Jessie Wells from the Network Chiropractic Centre in Melbourne and I’m here to help you be your best self from the inside out.

So today what I’d like to talk about is the truth that you are full of information. All yourselves have got the information from your parents and their parents and your great great grandparents, and all the information from when you were conceived. People have tapped back in the memories from when they were in utero.

You’ve got all this stored in your body. The body never forgets and that is a front of wisdom for you to tap into and we can help you tap into that with our work.

Hopefully, everything you do during your life, remember that you are infinitely wise within.

With healing, it’s unpredictable. You’ll never know where you sit on the bell curve of average until after the healing has gone.

To think, during the middle of everything, “Am I average?”, “Am I doing what everyone else is doing?” It’s not helpful to you. Just be present and allow us to help you transform and feel what’s in there and waken the potential for great well-being

Remember, everything is connected. Again, I’m Dr. Jessie Wells from the Network Chiropractic Centre. I’m in McCrae. Please call me or email me. I’ll see you next time. Bye!

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