The Good News – Healing happens naturally within us


From the Network Chiropractic Centre in Melbourne and McCrae, welcome to the Good News! Today Dr Jessie speaks about healing – how it is innate in all of us, and how it is happening all the time.

Hi, I’m Dr. Jessie Wells from the Network Chiropractic Center in Melbourne. I’m here to remind you to be your best self inside out.

So today what I want to talk about is healing. A lot of us feel and have been taught that healing takes a lot of effort, a lot of work, a lot of striving, a huge amount of commitment.

But the truth is that your innate wisdom –  that which you were given the moment you were conceived, that flows through you, through your nervous system – is always at work.

Do think for a moment: if you cut your finger; even if you are asleep; whether you’re conscious or you’re not conscious; your body’s initiated a beautiful, magical, incredibly complex process to heal that wound.

You don’t have to think about it. Your body really appreciates it. And it is very natural to clean it, to bandage it, and to hold it; and to be very careful with it.

But that in itself isn’t work as such. This is something that you naturally feel that everything in you wants to do; which means that is is just a natural process. Once again it’s not really striving; it’s something that can happen peacefully and effortlessly.

So remember, everything is connected.  I’m Jessica Wells from Network Chiropractic Center in McCrae as well as Melbourne. Give us a call, like us on Facebook or email us. I look forward to hearing from you!

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