…and have to keep going that don’t involve Chocolate, Coffee and Red Bulls

Look at your schedule and book yourself some time out – even if it’s at 10 pm tonight and you end up going to bed. Sometimes your plan will be – I will sleep when the baby sleeps. Or when the kids are at their grandmothers. Or I will go for a network chiropractic session between meetings. This gives you hope. And a plan. 

Do some SRI – Somato Respiratory Integration – they all unlock your energy. Here’s an 8 min Youtube video link to a colleague showing you how to do Stage 1 SRI.

Storing any stress takes a lot of energy. Let it go! 

Meditate or Use binaural sounds – they are super easy as you don’t have to concentrate and your brainwaves will slow down(or speed up if that’s what you need!) without you needing to work. Try Smiling Mind – one of my clients started this app and it is great.

Eat something delicious, nutritious and easily digestible. Remember to chew. If you are too tired to chew (I know that feeling) then have a smoothie. Make sure it has some veggies and protein and some fats in there. Seeds and raw protein powder and coconut oil… then you wont get the blood sugar spike and also the nutrition from the veggies and fruit will be better absorbed.

Call for help! Call your naturopath – get some adrenal support herbs and vitamins! Call a friend, a mentor, your family. Call your chiropractor, your psychologist, your coach, Call your cleaner Call your kinesiologist  and tell it like it is!

For any questions on how else we can help, or if you love our little snippets of advice, please contact us here!

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