Wholistic healing is natural – just let it happen


Hi! I’m Dr. Jessie from The Network Chiropractic Centre in Melbourne. I’m here to remind you to be your best self from the inside out.
Today, the good news is that wholistic healing is natural. Wholistic healing is the spiritual, social, emotional, and family constellation healing. These things all are your innate birthright, in my opinion.
You don’t have to take yourself away from your world and your life and take drastic measures in order to heal.
This healing focuses in you. It’s like a spark of light that is always aflame at one level or another. The more you can fan the flame, the more your body will thrive.
Listen deeply to yourself. The more you liberate that energy, the more you’ll choose the right food, the more you’ll choose the lovely relationships, the more you’ll choose to be your loveliest self within the relationships you have, the more you’ll bring your loveliest self in that spark of love into your conversations.
Remember, everything is connected. This is Dr. Jessie from The Network Chiropractic Centre and I am from McCrae. Please connect with me some way. Like me on Facebook. Call me. I look forward to seeing you. Bye!

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