Your body remembers, and because it does, it heals better


Hi, I’m Dr. Jessie from the Network Chiropractic Centre in Melbourne.

A long time ago, I had chronic fatigue and since then I lived 20 years of nearly being healthy.

This morning, I got up at around 6 o’ clock in the morning. Straight out of bed, I went to the pool and did yoga. Then, I made and had breakfast. 

I’ve got loads of energy and I’d like to share some of what I’ve learned in that time.
One of the things I learned is the things we’ve hidden, the things we’ve been afraid of, the memories, the traumas that we’ve put layers and layers around.

When we connect with them, they help us to be wise.

It’s safe to connect with our suffering and memories. Sometimes, when you’ve had healing experience, you have intense dreams or your body starts telling you things, this is all safe and it contributes to help you bring more compassion to your world.

You bring this newness of healing into your relationships, art, kitchen and domestic world.
Remember, the good news is your suffering can help.

Everything is connected. I am Dr. Jessie from McCrae and Melbourne. Please get in contact with me. Like me on Facebook and we’ll connect. Bye!

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