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The body’s nervous system is the primary indicator of any pain that the body faces. It is responsible for sending signals from your brain to the different parts of the body and receiving back any pain signals from an afflicted body part. One of these body parts is the spine itself, which has a strong effect on how we experience pain levels in general.

A common aspect of the nervous system is to convert any kind of mental or physical stress into tension. This tension is commonly stored in the spinal cord and eventually causes misalignment in the spine. In other words, when an individual suffers from a significant amount of stress then the number of misalignments in their spine will increase. If this added stress on the spinal cord is not dealt with at a much deeper level, then the pain will continue and the brain will not understand why the pain is continuing or where it is coming from. This can be even more dangerous at times, as the brain becomes completely silent on severe health issues that need to be addressed immediately.

This is where the importance of a reliable chiropractor in Camberwell comes into play. With The Network Chiropractic Centre, you can get an evolutionary treatment, known as network chiropractic, or Network Spinal Analysis. Network chiropractic is a gentle approach alternative to traditional chiropractic. The idea behind network chiropractic is prevention rather than temporary relief.

The purpose of traditional chiropractic is to treat patients who are suffering from warning signals given by the body, that there is something wrong with the spine. As such, structural chiropractic focuses on relieving the symptoms and providing a temporary form of pain relief. Network chiropractic, on the other hand, does not focus on relieving symptoms as much as it focuses on training the communication between your spinal cord and your brain and accordingly improving it.

Rather than provide immediate pain relief, network chiropractic focuses on improving your body’s self-assessment and boosts your natural defence physiology. A result of this is that network chiropractic does not involve any cracking of joints but rather focuses on gentle spinal contact touches that are extremely specific to activate the communication channels between the spinal cord and the brain. This not only enables the brain to immediately notice any kind of misalignment, but also enables a patient to detect any kind of health issues early on and goes a long way in reducing the tension in the body.

When the body’s tension is reduced, then the physical and mental performance is enhanced by a significant amount. For comprehensive Network Spinal Analysis, reach out to The Network Chiropractic Centre today.

We can help you lead a healthier tension free life with this simple and non-invasive procedure. If you need a reliable chiropractor in Camberwell, then The Network Chiropractic Centre has the trustworthy staff you need.

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