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For many people, going to a chiropractor is all about getting their spinal cord realigned through what they consider to be a forceful fix. This is why structural chiropractic is generally known as getting your back cracked. However, structural chiropractic is only one form of chiropractic at the disposal of chiropractors in Fitzroy North. The other method is known as network chiropractic, or Network Spinal Analysis, which is an revolutionary treatment that has an alternative effect on the body.

What makes the spinal cord, so important in the human body is that it is the primary communication channel between the brain and the spine itself. When the brain can have clear communication with the spine then any kind of misalignment or subluxation stations are immediately identified by the brain and the signals are sent to the body, to seek help for these problems.

However, if the main communication line itself is badly damaged, then the brain receives no signal which further allows the problem to aggravate itself while the individual is clueless about the problem until it is too late.

This problem is compounded when you consider that the nervous system turns any kind of physical or mental trauma into tension, which is continuously stored in the spine. This tension is the primary reason behind any misalignments in the spinal cord. But if the spinal cord itself is heavily misaligned, then this communication with the brain is hampered. This leads to most individuals ignoring this kind of mental and physical stress.

When you approach structural chiropractic, they will use force to realign your spine and provide you with some much-needed relief from the pain you may be suffering. However, this relief is only temporary as, eventually the spine reverts to its misaligned state, resulting in an individual having to go to a chiropractor multiple times.

This is where Network Spinal Analysis comes in. In addition to dealing with subluxations on a physical level, network Spinal Analysis can provide comprehensive treatment on a mental level, thereby allowing the nervous system to have flawless communication with the body. By using gentle points of contact, network Spinal Analysis allows your brain to make a connection with the spine and overcome the tension, while also being highly alert for any kind of additional problems that may arise.

Rather than a pain relief network chiropractic is all about improving this communication channel while enabling you to be in a much better position to take care of your body.

If you need a reliable chiropractor in Fitzroy North for network chiropractic, then reach out to The Network Chiropractic Centre today. Our primary objective is to improve your body’s innate ability to heal itself to four different levels that are designed to help your body find its natural course of healing more effectively. Through these levels of care, we will ensure that any kind of tension that is being borne by your spine will not only be relieved but will also be prevented in the future.

This is why we are the best choice for a chiropractor in Fitzroy North, as you will be able to get experienced and trained hands to take care of any problems that are being faced by your spinal cord.

So, reach out to The Network Chiropractic Centre today and we’ll set you up with a reputable chiropractor in Fitzroy North, to take care of your problems.

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