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Innate Intelligence is a term used to describe the internal wisdom of the human body when it comes to healing itself. A simple example of this is when an individual catches a cold. When the body detects the cold virus, then it creates a fever to use the immune system to destroy any of these viruses. Similarly, the body tends to purge anything that we have eaten if the stomach deems it as toxic. The body can do this thanks to the existence of the nervous system, which is responsible for transmitting messages across the body to the brain. However, there are times where this communication line can be severely disrupted, and the primary culprit for that is the spine.

The spine is the central highway for any kind of communication between the nervous system and the brain. When the central highway is jammed or out of shape, then the brain does not get these signals, which in turn makes an individual unaware of any problems their body might be facing until it’s too late. This mainly happens due to subluxations or misalignments in the spinal column.

The human spine has over 24 movable segments, each of which can be misaligned. When you approach a traditional chiropractor, they will focus on correcting these misalignments, which are also known as vertebral subluxations by aligning the spine forcefully. A structural chiropractor will focus on enhancing one’s health by enabling the nervous system to function properly. However, this is mostly a stopgap measure. The alternative is network chiropractic or network Spinal Analysis.

One of the main principles of Network Spinal Analysis is to focus on prevention rather than cure. As mentioned earlier, there is a very important role played by the spinal cord when it comes to the functioning of the nervous system. However, an unfortunate result is that any kind of mental stress or physical trauma that we may suffer in our lives is redirected into tension and stored in the spinal cord itself. This means that the primary communication channel between your brain and your nervous system is also the one at the highest risk of disarray.

Network Spinal Analysis as such does not focus on correcting vertebral subluxation as much as it does on teaching a person’s nervous system to detect and locate any kind of tension or stress. Once the individual can detect any problems, they are in a much better position to take appropriate action to release that built-up tension and improve the functioning of the body.

The human body has its defence physiology, and Network Spinal Analysis focuses on enhancing this Innate Intelligence.

If you need a reliable chiropractor in Hawthorn, that can take care of your spinal issues, then reach out to Network Chiro today. We can connect you with a reputable chiropractor in Hawthorn, who will be able to take care of your spinal problems, while also enabling your body to detect these problems much early on, allowing you to take immediate action and not suffer any adverse effects down the line. So, if you’ve been searching for a trustworthy and effective chiropractor in Hawthorn, who will provide tangible results, then reach out to The Network Chiropractic Centre today.

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