Dr Jessica Wells

Dr Jessica Wells is from a family of health practitioners and has been practicing since she was 23. 

Graduating in 1990, she began practicing manual techniques with great success. However, in the late nineties she found herself suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS, also known as fibromyalgia or myalgic encephalomyelitis. She saw every expert, read every book on the topic , and used the help of every natural therapy she could. This included chiropractic (many styles), naturopathy (herbs, minerals, vitamins, special exclusion diets and foods as medicine), homeopathy, flower essences, rei-ki, re- birthing, hypnotherapy, affirmations, meditation, transcendental meditation, vipassana meditation. traditional Chinese medicine – herbs, acupuncture, cupping, spoons, and many other tools, diets and exercises. She still wasn’t feeling better. 

When she began to receive Network Chiropractic in conjunction with everything else she started to feel much better. Everything was now helping her mind and body to heal and she was absolutely delighted with the results. Now she arises early, meditates, swims, walks or does yoga and does a full days work. She has energy to spare for singing in a gospel choir, piano and flute playing, cooking, reading poetry and family.

"Blessings abound around us, and all we need is to open our hearts to thrive."