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Levels of Care

The main objective of beginning care is to improve your body’s innate ability to heal itself. Network Chiropractic has four different levels. These are designed to help your body find its natural course of healing more effectively, and will differ from person to person.

Level 1 Beginning Care
The main objective of beginning care is for you to understand, feel and clear more. In Level 1, you will develp a ‘ breath wave’, which improves the body, spine, mind connection. Your body has a defence physiology which it will initiate when threatened physically, emotionally, spiritually or chemically. When you hold onto trauma, hide or suppress it, you stay in defence. You are then stuck in a time warp where you act and feel as if the danger is still present. You behave as if you are stressed even when everything is fine. Much of your energy is unavailable when you are using it to store stress. In Level 1, your awareness of your nervous system grows and begins to reassess and reorganise your body and mind. You will release your defence physiology and gain greater movement and flexibility. From this comes new awareness, greater freedom and connection within the mind and body and heart. You are evolving into your most healthful, creative and peaceful self.
Level 2 The Journey Deepens
With the safety of the breath wave you can now use old tension as fuel for reorganisation and transformation. You will feel the development of a psychosomatic wave. This is produced after making specific contacts over the cervical (top) and sacral (bottom) areas of the spine. In Level 2, you will develop more strategies for self-regulation and reorganisation. With time, your body will drop tension from the muscles around the spine. When this wave becomes more refined, the spinal vertebrae move more independently rather than in groups of 3 or 4. At this point clearing tension becomes effortless. It can feel like energy rippling up and down the spine or like heaviness has lifted out of our body or fogginess has gone from our eyes, ears or head. As you feel old patterns of tension fading away you will also feel old unconscious patterns of behaviour start to change. Instead of previously assuming ‘that’s just the way I am’ you make conscious choices about the way you respond to your environment. During Level 2 your body and mind develops the ability to make changes in lifestyle and action that support your growth. You find yourself speaking up, saying ‘no’ to things that are not healthy for you. You may notice you no longer crave foods that no longer aren’t good for you. You will find your own best exercises. All of these things happen because your body and mind has a greater awareness of what is needed for health, love and growth and what isn’t.
Levels 3 & 4 Expanding your heart space
As you advance to Level 3 and 4, you will develop a more refined strategy to retrieve and re-organise your energy for transformation and evolution. In these levels of care you will find the heart area becomes strong centre of energy. The marvellous thing that happens now is that the thoracic cage, ribs and sternum begin to move more freely, initiating waves from the heart centre. In Level 3 and 4, is common to hear clicks and pops from the spine, sternum and ribcage as it frees up and the heart centre expands. The moveable areas of your chest move more specifically and with more range. You can focus breath and energy into the chest and heart, where an experience of love and gratitude is felt. Now our body has more awareness and refines its ability to evolve. This level of work is suitable for everyone and it is of great use to those dedicated to their spiritual journey and practitioners.
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