What is Network Chiropractic ?

It is gentle

No clicking devices, drop tables or noisy adjustments. It helps you build the communication channels between your brain and spine. It also helps your spine develop a ‘wave ’which gently allows the spine to correct itself. This wave appears effortlessly and is unique to Network Chiropractic.
Much research has been done on this phenomenon. Studies show that regular Network Chiropractic care can give you:

  • up to 200% improvement in response to other healing methods
  • improvements in almost every area of your life
  • much better ability to handle day-to-day stress.

Network Chiropractic is a very gentle technique that helps you reorganise your central nervous system. To do this, the chiropractor places very gentle contacts along your spine which are timed and placed to activate the communication channels between your brain and your spine.

What can I expect with Network Chiropractic?
How do I know if I need chiropractic ?
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